Retain soil moisture with high quality mulches

Mulches play a significant role in retaining soil moisture, regulating soil temperature, and suppressing weed growth while simultaneously looking great in the soil bed. These can be applied to the soil surface around trees, pathways and flower beds to prevent soil erosion. They also keep plants cooler during hot summer months. We also provide high quality topsoil, sand and gravel.

We have a wide range of mulches in stock, including:

  • Black Mulch
  • Brown Mulch
  • Red Mulch
  • Hardwood Mulch
  • Deco
  • Red
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Cherry
  • Cedar
  • Pine Bark
  • Triple Grind
  • Playground Material

Get into the good gardening habit of using mulch

  • Conserves moisture thereby protecting your plants from drying out quickly
  • Protects plant roots from winter cold
  • Improves the fertility and health of the soil
  • Reduces weed growth while enhancing the aesthetics of the area

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